with Avocado, Mixed Peppers, Ponzu Salad & Rice.


Sushi Sets

Classic Sushi Set £17 - SOLD OUT

California Roll, Salmon Maki, Seabass Nigiri,
Crab Maki, Salmon Nigiri,
Cucumber Maki


sushi classic set.jpg

Seaview Set £23 - SOLD OUT
Philadelphia Roll, Salmon Maki, Crab Maki,Seabass Nigiri, Salmon Carrot Maki,Salmon Cream Cheese Maki, Salmon Nigiri,Cucumber Maki

seaview sushi set.jpg

Vegan Maki Set £14 - SOLD OUT
Carrot Maki, Cucumber Maki,Carrot Cucumber  Bell Pepper Maki,Bell Pepper Maki

More Sets to follow
Please watch this space...


Vegetarian & Vegan options available.
Some dishes may contain traces of sesame seeds.
Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements.